Photo Gallery (Fotos)

Photo Gallery (Fotos)Mauá Brazil, 1993-1996 - Ch. 3,4,5, 7
Road through Mauá valley
Mauá valley, Brazil
Rio Preto through Mauá valley
One of many waterfalls
Donovan in community
View from community
Susan, Mauá
Alex Polari and José Rosa, 1993
Going to church, 1993
Community square, 1993
Community office
Community dining room, 1993
House in community
Our house, 1995
Susan in front of our house
Our dining room
Our living room
Pam living in Mauá, 1995
Community church 1995
Inside church
Inside church
Dancing in church
Where Daime tea is made
Where vines are pounded for Daime tea
Healing House
Donovan in front of Healing House
Altar table in Healing House
Altar table with Daime in Healing House
Baixinha, Alex Polari, José Rosa
Susan walking in Mauá

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