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Love Unbroken is:
candle A memoir co-written by Susan Thesenga and her adopted daughter Pamela, of Pam’s ten-year descent into extreme drug addiction and the unusual path to recovery they both followed.
candle A gripping narrative of heartbreak and healing.
candle A mother-daughter love story.
candle A journey into the rainforests of Brazil, where they worked with shamans practicing spirit extraction and where they drank ayahuasca, a psycho-active jungle brew that has been used as a medicine and religious sacrament for a thousand years in the Amazon basin.
candle A tale of spiritual awakening to the reality of a love deeper than all our human dramas.

Love Unbroken can offer help and comfort for parents and others dealing with addiction or other serious challenges in the family.  The book and website also offer pointers for your own journey to the unbroken love that resides at the heart of what you are.

Susan writes:  The discovery of this foundational love came to me through having my heart broken open by my daughter’s devastating drug addiction.  Gangaji, a spiritual teacher and author, has written:

Opening to whatever is present can be a heartbreaking business.
But let the heart break, for your breaking heart
only reveals a core of love unbroken.

Addiction is a heart-breaking business, and yet … meeting fully this or any extreme life challenge can lead to the direct experience of the presence of a love that is unconditional, indestructible, and always available.  Experience of this universal divine love—facilitated, in our case, by the ceremonial use of ayahuasca—brought healing and redemption to me and to Pamela.

On this website I offer::

A Study Guide of Questions to accompany your reading of Love Unbroken, which will not only deepen your experience of the book, but will help you identify and resolve your own life’s traumas and lead you to a deeper connection with your essential spiritual nature.  This Study Guide is offered freeClick here to view.

On this website I also offer:

candle A Preview of Love Unbroken, including the Endorsements, Table of Contents, Prologue and back cover (summary of the book).  To see these click here.
candle A photo gallery of the journey chronicled in the book. Click here.
candle Advice for parents dealing with their children’s abuse of drugs.  I share how we can offer a lifeline to our lost children. (can be downloaded and printed)  Click here.
candle Background on all the spiritual paths which have helped me to heal from the family disease of addiction, and which are referred to in the book. Click here for descriptions and links.
candle My own spiritual biography. Click here.
candle If, after reading the book, you wish to contact us personally, please use the Contact page on this website.
candle Pamela and I will also write occasional posts for the Blog on this website after we receive your questions and concerns.
candle And, of course, you may purchase a copy of the book.  Click here.

Blessings on your path,

Susan Thesenga

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