Guia de Estudo (Study Guide)

The Study Guide for Love Unbroken offers questions for each chapter, encouraging you, the reader, to go deep into yourself.  Beyond enriching your reading of the book, the questions will support you in coming to terms with the traumas and disappointments in your own life and will aid you in awakening to the unconditional love which resides within you.

Susan has been a therapist and spiritual facilitator for forty years, and the questions are designed to help you process your reactions to the book in ways that will contribute to your own growth.

This Study Guide is available free with a purchase of the book from this website.  The Study Guide may also be purchased (for $4.99) as a download from the Online Ordering link (click here).  Once the book or the Study Guide have been purchased, you will be sent to a new page to access the Study Guide.

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